What do you believe?
6/5/2006 11:53:50 PM
By the way, in my part of the world, it is the 6/6/06 already. In fact, it is almost done, and no apocalypse!
Let us hope the the fire of good sense and reason will burn away the superstition that Heretic_for_Christ refers to before the silliness of Dark Age thinking consumes us all.
6/5/2006 11:39:54 PM
I know that the beast is out there because it's made a mess on my back lawn three times this week!
Considering the confluence of numbers today, I expected a rather larger mound, and maybe even in a special configuration, but, no, just the usual muck.
It was crooning a war song outside my window in the small hours of the night as well.
6/5/2006 10:21:50 PM
Stick to straight superstition and leave science alone. A black hole at the center of a galaxy will consume nearby stars from the central cluster but will not affect stars lying far out along the spiral arms. The fiery end of the Earth will result from our sun becoming a red giant some billions of years from now. Hopefully, superstitious folly will have long since disappeared by then.
6/5/2006 10:10:32 PM
06-06-2006 means no more than 07-07-2007.

The world will end after the 7 year tribulation period of the World which is the seven years in which the Lord spreads the faith with Jewish evangelists, and after one thousand years of the reign of Jesus, the earth and heaven will burn with fervent heat.

The Bible is clear that no man knows the day or hour in which the Lord returns to take out his Church, and start the tribulation period, and even mocks those who say they do know.

Why would the heavens and earth burn? Maybe because science indicates that there is a large black hole in the center of this galaxy that periodically pulls in suns near it, and the period of this feeding is about due. The release of massive radiation during the destruction of those suns may give this planet a really bad day, and buff it nice and shiney clean.

6/5/2006 6:43:15 PM
our end ?
well we are moving towards the andromeda galaxy so that what would come first..........the sun going nova and our galaxy being torn apart, is a still a bit of a coin toss

it aint gonna happen tomorrow
6/5/2006 5:47:44 PM
1. re: The End, our sun is not large enough to become a nova, but during it's dying stages, it will swell to a red giant, and the Earth will be within the sun, at a temperature where life as we know it cannot be sustained. But that probably won't be for 10,000,000,000 years or more.

2. Yes, I am Episcopalian, hence "AnglicaninMichigan".

3. Excellent point raised that our Kalendar is not the Jewish Calendar Jesus would have used liturgically, and it has been revised since Julius Caesar, so would not have matched the Roman version extant at that time.

4. This 666 stuff has devolved into silly superstition, and responsible Christians should eschew it, for the weightier matters of peace, justice, and love.
6/5/2006 3:42:25 PM
Well, do we have just till midnight (like with Y2K) or are we sweating this out through the entire day tomorrow?
6/5/2006 1:34:16 PM
Haven't the recent finds at Oxyrhynchus made it rather difficult to affirm with any certainty what the Number of the Beast actually is?

Perhaps those inclined to work with numerology should revise their calculations to work with 616 rather than the 666 we've all grown to know & love.
6/5/2006 12:37:09 PM
I certainly hope not!!! I have a few medical tests to be run on that day.
6/5/2006 11:59:45 AM
George = 6
Walker = 6
Bush = 4
it = 2

6/5/2006 11:43:30 AM
God used our contemporary calendar?! Who would have guessed!
6/5/2006 11:39:47 AM
God is truly in awesome GOD and the devil shall therefore not be allowed to receive any glory. 06-06-06 is the day that Our Heavenly Father has made I will be rejoice and be glad in it. The God I serve is a mighty God& an all knowing God & all powerful God and that is where my faith lies.
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