What do you believe?
6/3/2002 11:58:22 PM
I believe that the Force, as it is called in SW, falls in line with Pantheist ideologies, yet also with Native American... Morgan Llewelyn, in "Druids" (a GREAT book, BTW), explains much of the same stuff, though her characters referred to it all as "the Pattern." I believe that the ability to know the "unknowable" is a direct result of being connected, or in ML's terms, fitting correctly into the Pattern.
6/3/2002 2:48:14 AM
The big thing you need to remember about MITOCHONDRIA is that they are the cell's little powerhouses. They are the thing that lets cells survive. Their whole purpose is to break down food molecules so that the cell has the energy to live. You eat and your intestines break down the food for you to use. A cell eats and the mitochondria break down the molecules for the cell to use.
6/2/2002 4:05:56 AM
LOL ;-)
6/2/2002 3:36:09 AM
I'm sorry I must have slept throught that month of biology. I had heard that it had no known function from some people whose opinion I respect. I'm not sure where they went to high school, but I'm looking into it for you.

P.S. You don't spoil my fun blue flame; you only add gas to my fire.
6/1/2002 10:32:04 PM
Ummm what? You said "mitochondria have no known scientific purpose." What? They are just about the most important mirco cellular structure. They convert glucose into ATP and water. And mitrocondria are not alive on their own, the don't meet any of the 7 requirements for life. Just where did you take your High school Biology classes people?

Blue (I know I spoil all your fun);-P
6/1/2002 1:13:26 PM
Yes many of my friends and I have discussed the significance of Mitichlorians. George Lucas used this term because of its similarity to mitochondria, which have no known scientific purpose. If a purpose is ever discovered, it will be another scientific inaccuracy. George Lucas found a way to protect himself from this by putting a disclaimer before all his films; A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
5/28/2002 2:23:34 AM
Has anyone made any comparisons of mitichlorians mentioned in the first movie with mitochondria? Both are microscopic being that live inside man.
5/26/2002 5:19:54 PM
uh...seems to me too many people take both a simple fairy-tale, and a set of guidelines to living a decent life(which is what most religions seem to be anyway......way too seriously.....and isnt that what has caused us so much trouble in the first place? LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE!
5/26/2002 8:17:51 AM
Eudaimonist is right when he says it's like an inkblot, when I grew up in the mormon religion I saw so much in "Star Wars" that was similar that I was convinced that George Lucas was mormon too, now that I've studied other religions and grown up, I'm convinced George Lucas studied many religions too and has let you decide that "the Force" is based on your own religion, whatever that may be.
5/24/2002 8:21:59 PM

I find it vastly amusing that many of the people commenting that "it's just a movie" base their entire spiritual lives around a book. Both are expressions of literary media, and both share about the same level of truth with the real world.

"You can't base your spirituality around a movie! It has to be a book!"
5/24/2002 3:52:48 PM
You could say the same thing about Judaisim,Christianity and Islam.

This is just more modern.
5/24/2002 1:37:24 PM
In case you've all forgotten, it's all made up. Anything interpreted by man is fiction. As I see it, all Lucas is doing, is continuing to tell stories that point to something that we can not understand, just like all religions, and mythology. Enjoy it for what it is.
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