What do you believe?
5/14/2005 3:28:11 PM
In a review of a recent book on the pagan origins of Christianity, the reviewer makes a good point about not stressing parallels too much. He gives an example of a Native American myth about a flood, complete with a survivor who takes two of every animal. Yet no one would seriously argue that the myth influenced the Noah story, or vice versa.
5/14/2005 3:25:46 PM
Sorry, but I see a few flaws in your paralells. First of all, Han is no Lancelot. Secondly, the rebels don't correspond at all to the Knights of the Round Table. They are about taking down the empire, while the Round Table was about keeping order.
The original Jedi Order would be a better parallel, but it doesn't quite fit either.

There is no one key to the story; that's the point. Lucas is trying to create a new myth from the old ones. The fact that we debate the movies and see what we want in them shows that he has succeeded somewhat.

In other words, if Star Wars helps make you a better Christian, or Buddhist, or Taoist or Jew, then more power to you.
5/14/2005 10:10:10 AM
Merlin derives his power through the Children of Don/Tuatha Dé Dannann to access the power of the Dragon/Dragon force/Life Force.

Celtic chieftians where called because the dragon force they were mystically connected to the mother goddess. Arthur having power over several chieftains had the title of head dragon or Pendragon.

Obi Wan derives his power through the midi chorilans to access the power of the force. Merlins enemy is Mugana whose apprentice is Modred, she was dark druidess who used the formorians to access the darkside of the dragon force/Life force.

Obi Wans enemy is the Emporer who's apprentice is Vader, who accesses the darkside of the force.

With Irish, Scottish and Welsh druidry the fairy are race are referred as the Sí (pronounced she), but in old Irish and old Scottish it is spelt "SITH".

The Sith or dark Jedi are jedi who use the dark side of the force.

Therefore the Jedi are Druids
and the Force is the Dragon Force of Welsh Druidry and the Life Force of Irish Druidry.
5/14/2005 10:04:03 AM
The star wars movies are in effect a retelling of king arthur, then the force belongs to the druids.

ie. Annakin = Uther
obi wan = merlin
Luke = Arthur
han = lancelot
Leia = Gwenaviere
Vader = Mordred
Padme = Igrain
Emperor = Mugana
rebels = Knights round table

5/20/2003 6:49:15 PM
Okay, where to begin... well, I am a Jedi. I am because I believe I am, I don't need anyone to tell me. If I get my head torn off for this, then so be it:

I don't think that Jedi is a religion per se. It is more of a collective of people from almost all denominations, who share a common belief in the Force. I am a member of a site called the Force Academy (www.forceacademy.com) where I go to further my study of the Force.

The word 'religion' conjures up all sorts of restraints as to what it can and can't be. However, we are not defenders of peace etc. in fact, the next person you see in the street could be a Jedi, and you wouldn't know it.

We have our beliefs and you obviously have your very diverse sets. We do not interfere with yours, so please let us believe what we want to (and I say this in the nicest tone possible!).

Should you have and questions, feel free to e-mail me at darthdav@hotmail.com

If you are reading this, thank you for taking the time to do so, and May the Force be with you.
5/17/2003 11:55:33 AM
Hi :)

I'm a Jedi Realist, and have been for about two years now.

This is my own opinion, not the be all and end all of all Jedi.

Personally, I believe that the Jedi isnt a religion, but a nexus. At places like www.forceacademy.com, www.the-jedi.org, people come together to talk about things, in an almost secular way. There are Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Daoists, and people who follow their own beliefs.

Being a Jedi doesnt mean being part of an order, or being a hero, it's about looking at life, the Tao (or the Force, God, Allah, etc), and seeing what's there and what we, as Jedi, as humans, should do and be.

If anyone wants to e-mail me, feel free ghan_dojimo@the-jedi.org

Thanks for listening :)
11/8/2002 5:54:54 AM
I'm a Celtic Witch with Taoist leanings (how's that for a combination?) but I've always had a strong inclination toward the concepts of Star War's Jedis. I would like to point out that the concepts have far outstripped Lucas's vision through the works of people like Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole, among others.

I haven't even seen the new movie yet. I was that disappointed in Episode 1. I will, eventually, but I honestly didn't like the revisions in the philosophy--particularly the celibate Jedi. Neither Luke nor Leia were celibate...in the continuing saga both are married and have children.

If people are really interested in the Jedi philosophy I strongly recommend reading the Star Wars books, not paying attention to the movies. Big difference.
10/6/2002 8:03:52 AM
eh, what are you talking about? If you talk about that stupid thing George Lucas made up for a few years ago (midichlorians), you are wrong.

The force is an energy field that surrounds all living things. Midichlorians are just small organism in our cells that communicate with the Force. Just a stupid thing GL did to make this whole Jedi thing more simple to those who don't understand the force thing (why can't I become a Jedi. Because your midichlorian count isn't high enough).

It is a long time since I had nature science in school, so I do not remember if your statement "Mitochondrial DNA comes solely from the female" is true or not.
10/5/2002 3:39:59 PM
Mitochondial DNA comes solely from the female. The force is passed through females.
7/18/2002 3:12:56 PM
Hello everyone,
I was just wondering if you are all serious? I mean this was a movie.
It's not real. Someone came up with this stuff.....to make money.

It's not real.
6/12/2002 10:47:10 PM
Could you be more vague Fr. Tuck? There are no organized groups on this planet that fully resemble the Jedi. George Lucas created this order with enough ambiguity for a diverse body of people to notice similarities with their own experiences. The order of the Jedi being two dimensional is exactly why they are so popular. Perhaps if you spent less time confining yourself to the dogma of the clergy, and more time focusing on the things that unite us all as a people, you might be able to see that. I don't mean to be cruel though; I'm just offering you guidence.
6/11/2002 3:41:58 AM
I dont mean 2 b cruel... It's just that it's so apt. Does it occur to anyone that the Way of the Jedi is 2 dimensional?
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