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1/17/2005 8:09 PM
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I agree with what you said about some people not being able to afford alot of clothes and it is better that they aleast get to church instead of not going.

I personally do not think that G-d thinks that I am any less spiritual or that I am not honoring him if I wear pants to church on Sunday instead of a skirt or dress. I have to work on Sunday's there is no way around that fact. Not to mention that I do not have the time or the extra money to spend to clean 2 outfits worn on a Sunday. Just so you know some of my slaks are nicer than some of my skirts or dresses therefor nice conservative not showey outfits.

2/7/2005 3:40 AM
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I agree with what has been said about being at church and seeking the spirit being the most important thing. I think it's important as members that we also remember that lots of people are joining us from other churches and congregations that have different ideas about "appropriate" sunday dress, and that we need to welcome EVERYONE. It's not our place to judge one another!

That said, I have heard at least 2 talks in which general authorities have asked women to avoid wearing slacks or dress pants to church. I'll try to find the references for you--I think one was a conference address and the other a worldwide fireside...Like I said, I'll try to find them so you can read them for yourselves.

If you get sidelong glances, it may be from those who heard the same talks I did...but that doesn't excuse the sidelong glances! I just wanted to add this tidbit because it helps to explain (not excuse) some of the unwelcoming behavior of our fellow members...

2/7/2005 3:50 AM
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I can't find the talks I referred to, and it's spossible that the request came from local leaders and not churchwide leaders...but my misconception (I seriously could have sworn I heard it in general conference) still ehlpe to explain the judgementalness of some in latter-day saint culture.

FYI, I did find this quote in a 1988 church magazine article...the quote itself is older, but the reference to it was in 1988...

“We have advised our people that when going to the temple they should not wear slacks or miniskirts, or otherwise dress immodestly. We have not, however, felt it wise or necessary to give instructions on this subject relative to attendance at our Church meetings, although we do feel that on such occasions they should have in mind that they are in the house of the Lord and should conduct themselves accordingly.” (Priesthood Bulletin, June 1971.)

2/7/2005 4:42 AM
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ok, I admit i got a little obsessive, but here's one from L Tom Perry...in general conference...it might be one I was thinking of...

"I know a little girl who is the last child in a large family in which the other children are all boys...Her mother has wisely taught her that the boys wear trousers and that she wears dresses...Now, before I receive letters from upset women telling me that I said they should not wear slacks, save your postage. I did not say that, although I don’t think they are appropriate for the Sabbath day. What I am saying is that we have established a dress standard which requires a modest, wholesome style."

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