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10/19/2001 12:01 PM
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Between vague but ominous warnings from the government that something will happen somewhere soon, and spreading reports of anthrax, Americans are on edge. Some laugh about it to cover their nervousness; others give in to panic and invest in biohazard suits, gas masks and antibiotics.

Have you changed your plans or your lifestyle in the last month because of fear about terrorism?

How are you personally affected by your fear over possible future terrorist attacks?

What are you doing to soothe your fear?

10/19/2001 1:56 PM
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It's difficult to put this into perspective because of the shock and terror that still effects us all. If cooler heads prevailed a look to some of the security measures used in airports in europe since the 70's could be adopted. In fact this is probably the case. What concerns me now in the wake of this tragity more than any thing else is anti terrorist legislation that's being put on the fast track. 9/11 was graphically visible to us all, the tragities that a much widenned dragnet will cause will be 'invisible' in that one by one innocent people will be caught in this net, put away, never to be heard of or seen again. The police are now militarized as it is, this bill will give them far more sweeping powers allowing more room for abuse. 20,000 people are killed in the U.S. by guns in the hands of fellow Americans every year. The top four causes of death in the U.S. is by natural causes(disease) the fifth is accidents. Death by terrorism is not as much of threat as the shock value. The terroists know this. Reducing civil liberties makes them victorious. Americans can boast of once beeing the freeist country, but no longer.

10/19/2001 6:21 PM
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This country has lost the hedge of protection from God because we have not made Him first, and Lord of all. We claim that we are a nation under God but we are tolerant of all other's beliefs but don't keep our ruler and protector on His throne: we took prayer out of school, separation of church and state, homosexuality is tolerated, we can have a moment of silence but not pray, even the preachers are fleecing the flocks, etc. We need to REPENT and allow God to regain His authority in this land. His word says that IF my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, THEN will I hear from heaven and forgive sins and heal the land. Now everyone wants God to "bless America" but what should we as believers be doing? Before God destroyed Sodom he asked if there were any in the city who were righteous. He would spare the city if He could find 5. It was destoyed. Where is this God in the White House? Where is this God in your house? He is not just like a fire extinguisher to break the glass in case of emergency. He should be honored and reverenced in all things at all times. He who has an ear let him hear what the spirit of God is saying to the church.

10/19/2001 7:03 PM
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Everything is the same as it was before. Except I feel more hungry. For food. I was focused on getting a job prior to the "attack." (By whoever really did it). Focused on getting a job increasingly for many months. Finally got some part time work. Thank God. (Thanks God!). I wish I had money to buy an extra 10 gallons of gasoline and a bunch of my favorite food. Plus could afford to see a Doctor and a Phamacist. I regard the occupant in the White House as the true terrorist.
Want to end the war quickly? Change our policy toward Israel and Palistine. Arm no one else. Fear begets fear. And that was the current unelected administrations plan all along. No greater evil exists. And they could blow up the whole planet and I'd still know it. And most of humanity knows it. Who produces these toxins? Our administration. Whpo profits from the fear? Their allies that tried to put them there in office. Pharmaceutical companies, power and oil companies. etc. Fact. Control the masses via fear is the only way the Republican party knows how to operate. Yet we must pray for them to see the light and change. Since they have and believe only in the power of external force. (Read "Seat of the Soul" byZukav).

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