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9/21/2001 8:44 PM
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Earlier today I asked if Muslims drank Coffee because Muslim men are keeping 24-hour vigil at the local mosque to protect it from vandals -- and I wanted to take them some coffee to warm them up. See, I live in a small, conservative, community-oriented city in Southwestern Ontario -- it's a nice place, it's a safe place. But something changed on September 11, 2001! We all know what happened in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania -- may they rest in peace. But this horror has struck the chord of humanity! Islam DID NOT do this with the planes! Islam is Peace! Islam is Love! Islam is Community! So why has everyone else seem to have lost those same qualities?

I am now in tears -- this horror and the extent of it's reaches is finally hitting me -- in my cozy warm house, in my cozy safe community. I took black coffees with a bag of milks, creams, sugars and sweeteners, to this mosque -- I have never stood on the grounds of a mosque before. In fact, I have hardly ever spoken to a Muslim before. But tonight, I saw humankind in the face of adversity. These fine men have to stand guard to protect their beautiful building of worship and a nurturing Muslim school next to it from being vandalized. I really never thought that bringing coffee out of support and goodwill would cause me such profound emotion! I was met in the parkinglot by a boy probably no more than 17 or 18 years old. I told him what I had brought and that I thought they could use the warmth of the coffee on this cold, rainy, dark night. He directed me to this older gentleman coming down the walk, and I again told him that I had brought coffee to warm them and support them. That's about where I started to lose it! I told him how sorry I was that they have to do this, keep watch and such. He asked me if I had heard that last week, a bomb had been found near the gymnasium of the school but that the police got to it before anyone got hurt -- A BOMB!!!! I never heard this! Where am I living? This isn't my nice, safe, comfortable community! This just ripped my heart out! He walked me to the front of the mosque where he told a young boy (this time only 14 or 15 years old) at the top of the steps going in why I was there, and I handed him the coffee and bag with the creams and stuff and apologized that this was all I could do! The gratitude on his face, and the older man's face was just so overwelming, I just couldn't talk anymore, I was going to lose it completely! I just kept saying how sorry I was that this is happening and that they were going through this; and it's all happening in MY BACK YARD! The older gentleman told me that boys from the school are holding vigil with the rest of the men -- they go to school in the day, and protect their house of worship at night!

Anyway, after many many thank you's from the man and the boys, I told him I would be back with more coffees because it's all I can do right now, I got in my car, waved goodbye and that's when the floods opened in my eyes -- as I was driving home. I'm okay now, writing this to you here has helped me -- but I just feel so AWFUL that the Muslim communities EVERYWHERE are being singled out and picked on -- the women, the children, the men -- It's just not right. The atrocities that happened with those terrorists should bring us together not divide us. I am just so sorry that all the ignorance in this world causes such good people to suffer. I am just so sorry....

9/21/2001 9:30 PM
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Dear Tazlah

I was so very touched by your act of kindness. What an incredibly thoughtful and good-hearted gesture. The people who attend that mosque are blessed to have you as a neighbor. I pray the goodness you gave is returned to you, ten-fold.


9/21/2001 10:55 PM
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I agree with AFRA, I hope just the same.

Although I don't know you personally, I feel as though you have brought coffee and tea to me! Any good you can do to help 1 Muslim, (in this difficult time) touches the hearts of many others.


9/22/2001 9:04 AM
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What a touching story. There should be more like you. Religious tolerance is what makes our country and many others, great. NO Religion should have to have guards on duty to protect their property. Jews, Christians or Muslims. If everyone could learn from your kindness the world would be a better place. God bless you and the thousands of victims of last weeks tragedy.

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