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9/14/2001 1:10 AM
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WHY did this happened?

We as Americans need to know the facts. We are so blinded by our superficial, consumer culture that we dont know whats going on anywhere else. We are too worried about the car we drive, clothes we wear, and keeping up with the Joneses. OUr news is filled with mindnumbing trash, and we are more interested in watching Jenny Jones than whats happening in the world. We live in a vacuum, blind to anything but what happens in our borders, if even that.

Your typical American (this includes George W) can't tell that Canada is a country, the names of their congress reps, basic world history, etc.

Well, its payback time for our ignorance of what our government has really been uptp:

1. Bombing Sudan, a country we have diplomatic relations, and killing thousands over 'an alleged chemical plant' (later proved false)

2. War in the Gulf - all we wanted was to protect our OIL interests, so we barged in after bullying other countries to join us, and are still there.

3. Protecting hypocritical dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, etc, who we keep bloated with millitary and monetary 'protection'. And by the way are hardly democraticly elected. If we werent hypocrites, would we want the people of these countries to elect their officials?

4. Giving 30 billion dollars, arms, and blind support to the racist state of Israel so that they can build illegal settlements, and kill innocent palestineans. Yes, their are palestineans 'terrorists', we had them too when we were a colony of England, they are called freedom fighters.

5. Bombing Afghanistan, which was such an model ally in fighting the Red Devil of the Soviet Union

6. Bombing Libya, then later finding out it was ' Probably Syria' who had planned the Pan Am Bombing (alleged once again)

7. Propping up dictator in Iran (the shah)

8. Propping up dictator in Iraq, Saddam Hussain, giving him money, arms to fight Iran.

9. Killing millions of women, children, and elderly throught sanctions on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, etc.

10. We were the bullies first, and its hard to accept the fact. This is a reaction - a violent, reprehensible one, but one non the less.

So America, wake up and smell the coffee. Look past the bull shit of CNN.

9/14/2001 1:12 AM
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You are a terrorist sympathizer, and in war that makes you a traitor. Shame on you.

9/14/2001 1:15 AM
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I see, so trying to find out why this tragedy happened makes me a traitor. No shame on you for having your head stuck in the sand. Why, you think the US has clean hands, has been doing nothing for years?

Please, face reality. America is a great country, but has done many wrongs.

9/14/2001 1:16 AM
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you speak the truth, espectially #4, but youre gonna get in big trouble for it.

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