Is Falwell serious?

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9/14/2001 12:31 AM
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How can I, as an American Pagan, take Christianity seriously, when one of its foremost, predominate leaders speaks out and calls the blame of this week's tragedy down on "pagans and abortionists and feminists and gays and lesbians"?

How can I, as an intelligent, thinking American, take Christianity seriously, when its most vocal leaders are spending this week blaming Satan, and fellow Americans who have nothing to do with the events at hand...rather than seriously examining the causes for this evil?

Sure, I know that not all Christians are like Falwell...but I've heard from my local fundies this week too...all sorts of notes left for me telling me that this is my fault...and the fault of those like me...How am I supposed to respond?

My soul is dripping with fear and anguish, my heart bleeds for those who never knew what was happening...and for all those wives and husbands and sons and daughters who wait for word that their loved one is alive somewhere...

Yet, I turn on my tv and see the quotes that a prominate American Christian has labeled me and others like me as the cause for this is that supposed to make me feel?

9/14/2001 12:55 AM
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On behalf of those Christians who actually read and seek to obey Jesus' words, I apologize for all the "Christians" who feel the need to place blame, and refuse to look at themselves, to see how they also may have contributed to the horror. How many of these "Christians" have supported the film industry by buying tickets to violent movies which portray mass destruction, for example? And this is just one example of many. How few of the Falwell Christians have spoken to those of Islam, to discover their concerns, to seek to assuage and heal old wounds? How easy it is to give in to anger(which is easily understood), and how difficult to Love! Yet this is the path Jesus calls Christians to follow. Who hears Him? Who does His will?
Too many who like to practice a form of religion in order to be seen by others actually deny the Power of it---the Power of Love, which God is. Love has many facets, and is not easily understood or communicated----it is far easier to speak of vengeance and cast aspersions and assign blame, rather than do the hard work of self-examination and acceptance of responsiblilty. Seems pretty lazy to me.
Pray for Peace-


9/14/2001 8:40 AM
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you know, and I know, that Falwell is a prime nutball. It's unfortunate that he has such a vast empire dedicated to getting his every word out to the media. Treat him like a cooking show about stewed liver: turn it off immediately. Like I told my kids, this is one evil person who has more bad people doing what he says. (My kids are both under 10, so I go for "words of one syllable".) That is where the blame lies, and we all know it. I hate to admit it, but if there is a "judgement" of sorts when we die, I really would like to be around when Falwell and his ilk have to explain themselves before the Divine.

Someone should tell Jerry that blame is wasted energy. Why isn't he telling his followers where to donate food, money, assistance? That is -- dare I say it? -- the "Christian" thing to be doing.


9/14/2001 8:42 AM
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What an idiot. Doesn't he understand that his extremist fundamentalist superstitious nonsense is exactly like that which lead to this horrible thing?!? No doubt Tinky-Winky will be indicted as well.

People-Stop being superstitious! Use the brain God gave you!

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