Trade Center & Pentagon?!

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9/11/2001 11:06 AM
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What is going on?

I'm teaching my English class and all of a sudden I hear that the World Trade Center twin towers in New York City AND the Pentagon in Washington DC have been attacked by hijacked passenger airplanes?!

Apparently two planes crashed into the Trade Centers, 2 planes crashed into the Pentagon, and one plane crashed somewhere in Pittsburgh, and one more is allegedly still in the air somewhere.

The Muslim community has issued statements, as did some Middle Eastern countries, or so I've heard. I heard rumors of Palestinian involvement but this is ONLY a rumor.

Pray for your Muslim brothers and sisters here in the US and hope that we can find an answer and a resolution.


9/11/2001 11:24 AM
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News reporting Osama bin laden had promised just last week, a huge attack on U.S.

What did we ever do to him or his to deserve this?

What is his message?

If these attacks are part of an Islamic jihad, why? And what is the Islamic message we are supposed to get?

If these attacks are Islamic related, how do they ever expect any of us to embrace or convert to Islam?

Help! Someone who knows, please answer! How can we understand this?


9/11/2001 11:38 AM
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Sage, please remember:

Reports of Osama Bin Laden's involvement is yet still a RUMOR and it is not yet proven. We are know people are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY.

Secondly, Osama is TALIBAN, NOT Muslim. Taliban is a terroristic group who takes Islam to a level it was never intended to be. Many MUSLIMS do not agree with the Taliban.

Thirdly, this attack is purely political. The United States is a "free" was developed as a place for religious freedom. Hence Christians should not take it as an attack against Christianity, because the US is not a Christian country. Likewise, retaliation should not go against Muslim states. We CANNOT punish the whole for the actions of a few. That would be like people taking retaliation against ALL Germans because of the Nazis. That wouldn't be fair, and we know that not ALL Germans are Nazis or bad people. Likewise I pray this doesn't escalate to a full-out war on Muslims, although the Qur'an DOES say there will come a time when it will be very difficult to be a Muslim, and I hope that this time hasn't come so soon.

Please keep an open mind and search for knowledge in all places.

Thank you.

P.S. I just heard a report while typing this that they are blaming this on "Islamic jihad". I cannot stress to you enough that JIHAD means showing your devotion to God, NOT war. It was never meant to be WAR.

9/11/2001 12:11 PM
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Yes, you are right, but as I said, there were reports of bin laden's threat very recently and I said "if".

As far as "innocent til proven guilty", that is only in the courtroom. It certainly doesn't mean the majority of people ever believed OJ ws innocent, nor does it mean that the people cannot draw conclusions along the way. It's human nature to think, isn't it?

Whatever, Islamic attack (and doesn't bin laden claim to Muslim?) or another Timothy McVeigh, we don't yet know.

So, which do you think is responsible?


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