Met Wayne Dyer tonight
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8/21/2003 4:03 AM
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Met Wayne Dyer tonight! Found out yesterday that he was in Portland giving a presentation and hot-footed it to the church the event would be and bought a ticket! I'm just now coming down from the high! He gave a presentation about "The Power of Intention" which is what his next book will be about, due out next year. IT WAS AMAZING! I'm just so thrilled to have had this chance! And the stuff he was saying is stuff that I need to hear, that I'm ready to hear now! I just love the guy!

I took one of his books up to him afterwards and he signed it for me. I told him that my mother had pledged to PBS and recieved his Spritual Solution and 10 Secrets tapes and books and that she'd lent them to me, and that it changed my life. He hugged me! I told him, "Thank you for helping me transform myself" and he told me "I see great things for you, just keep focused on what you want, see it as though it's aready happened and it will." Which was part of the focus of his new book and his presentation. He's talked about this stuff before, but this is a new layer peeled away from the onion!

I swear my angels were helping me on the way. I'm terrible when I'm driving, especially to a new place--I always take a wrong turn at least twice, and tonight was no exception. I started to wonder if I'd get there in time to get a parking spot or to get a seat up close (I have a eye condition and don't see well). I got there ten minutes before it started and the parking lot looked full, but as I drew up, the lady who was directing traffic told me to go up to the first row, there'd been some cars that pulled out and some spaces had opened up, so I got a spot on the front row. And when I got to the tent (was set up like an old-time tent revival!) I found a seat right up close where I could see him clearly! Thank you, up there!

It was pure chance that I found out he was going to be here today, and the tickets were very reasonable, only $25 to cover the expense of the event. As I was driving home, I thought, I can't wait to log on and tell the girls at BNet!

I'm so happy! May each of you soon meet someone you've always admired!

Many Blessings!

8/21/2003 9:57 AM
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Anhata Congrats. What a wonderful thing for you. Seems like the fates were working with you for this meeting. I don't know who wayne Dyer is but seems as if he has had a great impact on you. It is a great feeling to meet someone you admire.

8/21/2003 12:18 PM
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Sounds rather like the "Excuse me..." book, which I just started, and already love. I've seen Dyer's books at the bookstore, but haven't checked them out yet. How great that you were able to meet him! I know you're a big fan.


8/21/2003 2:09 PM
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Dwayne Dwyer has been around for a long, long time and he's one of the most spiritual people I've ever seen in the public eye. His affirmations are used by one of the psychics at the psychic chat room I frequent because just about everyone who goes into the chat room has problems and it's her way of calming people down and making them think about their lives and what they should and shouldn't be doing. I did see him recently on PBS and he was awesome! I bought one of his books when I was younger and couldn't get all the way through it unfortunately because my head wasn't where it is today and the book has since disapeared. I guess I need to go out and purchase another
Have a great day everyone!

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