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1/3/2001 9:45 PM
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As a former Roman Catholic I would be interested in some dialogue on that. Are you an ex-Catholic? Are you a Catholic? Are you unsure?
I am no longer Catholic due to the grace of God, the witness of Scripture, and the work of the Holy Spirit. It is not my own doing, God did all the work.
What do you think?

1/3/2001 10:00 PM
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I'm also a former Catholic, but I wasn't forced or seduced into it by anyone, disembodied or otherwise. The philosopher Jean Paul Sartre once defined "bad faith" as attributing to circumstances beyond one's control actions that were in fact the result of freely made and deliberate choices.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but if you were to tell us a few of your specific reasons, I could probably relate better to your story. From what you've said so far, it sounds like switching seats on the Titanic.

1/3/2001 10:41 PM
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I am a "cafeteria" Catholic; I accept what I believe is beneficial to me personally--and to others secondarily;
I attend mass occasionally but have not taken confession in 35+ years, yet I communicate each time I attend mass.

Being a gay man with a partner of some 25˝ years, the Church informs me I am "intrinsically disordered" and my relationship is "evil"; naturally I view that as hogwash and reject the Church's authority to judge it so.

Nevertheless, there are compelling elements in Catholicism which it pleases me to embrace, and I do so with a completely clear conscience.

1/3/2001 11:12 PM
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Kemmler and others,

I Am a
Cradle Catholic who went through the changes of Vatican II as a teenager, who hoped for more than I got, who learned a valuable lesson in forgiveness by staying with the Church but who has slowly begun to realized that my spirituality and what I have consequently come to believe about Jesus puts me outside the RCChurch and outside Christianity. I have known for a very long time that in the Church's eyes I would not only not be a Catholic but would be considered a Heretic.

I finally have left the Church and have never felt better--it was time to let go of the apron strings. But I want to qualify this with, if the Church works for you--then use it well. I believe a person is entitled to use what-ever works for them to maintain their relationship with God--Jesus was the great prophet of that idea, "A very personal relationsip with God--when you pray say Abba (Pappa)" and remember "the kingdom of God is within you." You can't get any more personal than that.

I say trust your heart because the heart speaks the truth and you will never hear the truth with your ears alone.

Kemmer: I want to recommend a book for you. It is called "The Good Book" and was written by Peter J. Gomes, the chaplain at Harvard University. I know you will find some encouragement there--However, Pastor Gomes is not a Catholic, so you may want to take that into consideration.

Peace be with you all. GiL

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