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2/5/2006 12:37 PM
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First please understand that I understand that there are all kinds of Moslems out there and not all can be held accountable for the actions of a few.

Second as a Christian/Mormon I understand what it is like to be lied about and to have our prophets mocked. The antis stand outside our temples yelling obscene remarks, symbols we feel are sacred have been used as toilet paper, and our sacred scriptures have been dragged on the ground, spit upon and burned. Believe me when I say I know where you are coming from.

But I want to say a few things too.

IDBC said;

I donít believe they were making ďfun ofĒ; they were making a point. Perhaps the Moslems should stop in their tacks and ask WHY? Why does the Western world see Mohammad in this dark and ugly light?

Could it just be that we westerners are judging Muhammad by your actions.

Moslems bombing bus loads of innocent children, sawing the heads off of people etc are speaking very loudly. The cartoon was saying all of this blood shed comes from the mind of Muhammad he is to blame.

And donít say we drop bombs too, we would not be there if we felt save. Americans donít feel save right now and as long as Moslems put forth such a violent and ugly imagine of Muhammad we will feel justified in our actions.

We westerners have found that peaceful demonstrations go along way in making change. Martin Luther King was a peaceful man his martyrdom brought about great changes.

Instead of sending bombs send missionaires, two by two door by door.

IDBC ďIs anywhere in the QURAN that clearly forbids illusrations or pictures "of the Prophet" ?Ē

I donít know the answer to that but I know the reason; it was to prevent the idolatrous worship of him. This unspoken taboo does not appear to have prevented the behavior. Thousands of Muslims threatening bloodshed against innocent people is a clear sign of his worship.

From the editorial by Signe Wilkinson

ďMy encounters with Muslims have mostly come over cartoons protesting the treatment of Muslim women. After one such cartoon, a local woman called me to defend the headscarf. I said I had no problem with anyone freely wearing a headscarf or any other religious outfit. I then asked her, "But you wouldnít force other women to wear a headscarf, would you?"

After a pause she replied, "Well, if it was for her own good."

Islam is about being pure and I understand the head scarf is a symbol of that purity but purity is not forced.

Today is the biggest football game of the year but yesterday there was something called the lingerie game. Women in their panties and bras chased each other up and down the field; they were stupid women. I as a Christian woman am appalled by their behavior and thankful not one of them was my daughter.

But purity again is not forced. This is a world where we are tempted between good and evil God set it up that way. He will judge us by how we resist that temptation; taking a personís freedom to choose between good and evil away defeats Godís purpose.

One of the biggest temptations is self righteousness.

2/5/2006 3:17 PM
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IDBC said;


Is that a quote ? Where is it from ?

Because I believe FREEDOM "IS" making fun of the others beliefs. And the "others" are just as free to make fun the person who is making fun of their beliefs.

Freedom is NOT threatening the life of the person who made fun of your beliefs.

Freedom is DEFINATELY not carrying out those threats.

Now you stated that you are a Morman/Christian. I have heard more than once a non-Mormon/Christian say that Mormons are not even christians.

You stated that your religion and have experinced you religion and founding prophet being mocked. Now I am a big fan of South Park, and I recall a very(to me at least)humourous episode of South Park that did a satire on Moromons and the Prophet. I don't know if you saw it or heard about it but I don't recall even hearing a peep of protest from the Mormon Church.

Maybe it is because we in Dar al Harab have ditched laws about blasphemy.

Maybe it is because we have come to the realization that blasphemy laws cause more violence than they prevent(at least in civilzed countries).

Maybe it is because we have come to the realization and understanding that if God is upset with us mocking him or his religion he is perfectly capable of exacting his.......justice(?)either in this life or the next and doesn't need a bunch punks to carry out his divine justice(?)either in this life or the next.

2/5/2006 5:22 PM
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The vast majority of muslims in the west are against the boycotts and the protests. They serve no real purpose at all in all honesty. Muslims in syria and elsewhere have burned down embassies, threatened loads of people, and why?

I'm muslim. I love the prophets(as) and I love Muhammad(saws). In that love, I must understand that it was the message of Allah that was sent through this chosen man. Further, I should study the character of this man and the other prophets so as to better understand my religion to an extent.

What I have found are hadiths that say face ridicule and mockery with forgiveness and patience. I have found hadiths about the prophet checking on a person who used to mock him and throw trash at him. I also find in religious literature that there are more important issues to testify to and to pay heed to and not bother ourselves with such shannanigans.

What the rest of us need right now is a large fog horn and a loud speaker. CAIR(The Council on American and Islamic Relations)has condemned the activities saying that these go against the teachings of the prophet and Allah.

My question is though that if we are supposed to represent our religion, then why is it that we are allowing lunatic sadists run the show?

I don't get it and I never will.......


2/5/2006 5:40 PM
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These are my thoughts...

First of all I would like to say that I condemn any violent form of demonstration or protest, whether it's verbally, in writing or physically.

Now about the cartoons themselves....

There is no absolute freedom of expression. If I want to "express" myself by going down the streets naked, then I will get arrested. Why? Because my "freedom of expression" hurts the sensibilities of some people.

Now in western democracies, the rights of minorities, or the issue of protecting minorities has been on the table increasingly . Democracy is not only about satisfying the majority but also about protecting the minority. And in those countries, there are Muslim minorities who find publishing cartoons of the prophet obscene. I personally think that the rights of these minorities should have been respected.

In all reality, I think very few people would think that publishing cartoons that made fun of the holocaust is a good thing. But since bashing Islam is fashionable, then we can all ridicule islam as much as we want.

Boycotting the countries makes no sense since you're applying collective justice, which is what we Muslims complain about. If we say that all Muslims shouldn't be punished because of the actions of a few terrorists, how can we justify punishing a whole country for the actions of one newspaper?

If there had been a peaceful demonstratio in my city I would have definitely participated.


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