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5/24/2006 12:14 PM
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Dear members,

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This question is for anyone that has lost a child. Did your religious and spiritual beliefs change after your child died? And, if so, how?

5/24/2006 2:54 PM
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Wow, it has been too long again, but I just needed to check in and say Happy Birthday Julie.

Hoping that everyone is doing o.k. or at least as well as expected. I'm getting through all of the graduation parties and am doing better this year than last. Joyce you are on my mind a lot lately with this being the time that Matt would be graduating. It will be hard, but you will make it through all of the parties and such. Just know, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Janie, I'm keeping you close to my heart. I know you're going through a lot and I wish you the best. Cathy - you're a nut! Thanks for all of your humor. I ran in for a little lunch and needed some of my daily therapy.

Hoping that everyone has a peaceful memorial weekend. Will check back in tomorrow. Have a Blessed Afternoon. Becky

5/24/2006 2:58 PM
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Hi Family, just wanted to jump in here and say hi. I hope all of our family finds us here. I will catch up with you all later.. Luv u all Janie

5/24/2006 8:59 PM
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Well here we go Family!

Working on 3000! What a family,huh? Even though that's just the number of posts,thank goodness not the number of family.Not that I do not welcome any new members,it's just we know what it means when we get another new member,that there's a new Angel in Heaven.But we love our family.Oh I'm not sounding like my usual self this morning....I know,I's 8 pm on the east coast & 5 something pm here but I decided to go back on my regular schedule of nightwatch because that daytime stuff was TOO much for my feeble mind....

Julie, I hopre that you had a nice birthday.Let us know how you are doing.It was Mike's mom's Angel day on last Sunday too.I don't think he remembered really.Because he didn't say anything,but then
sometimes I wonder if I take away some of his grieving by having so much of my own...Do any of you know what I mean? Like maybe I have so much that he can't let his out because of mine?Not that I am so caught up in my grief that I do not function.We all know how well we can put ourselves into the"function" mode.Yes,even after 17 years I feel those days when I feel as if I'm only in a mode of some kind.You know where you feel like your outside looking in?Or inside looking out?Maybe I'm just weird...OK & that's no open topic for discussion!!! My being weird that is.I know,what a killjoy I am this morning....

Well let me move on here.Boy it's hot today.Whew must of been up in the high 80's.That's another perk of being a get to sleep thru the heat.Just becauuse the rest of the world moves on doesn't bother me-after all I can catch up quick on these hot days because everyone is draggin' from the heat!!

WEll so now how is everyone in the family doing? Steve?Lawrence? Where are the men of our family? You 2 have been away a little too long for my liking...Lawrence,you especially...where have you been? We haven't heard anything from you since before Ian's Angel Day & it's starting to worry me.Steve I got the wonderful pictures of Dustin's bow & also the beautiful one you made & I haven't heard anything since.Janie quit roadhoggin' the guy!(LOL! I'm just pullin' yer leg!!)Janie-answer your phone! I'm calling you again.

Well family were is everyone? Don't be timid & don't let the new thread here intimidate you.It's still only us! Your loving family who cares.So post soon & feel more at home. Because I miss you all .Now I gotta go find that horse of mine,(never did answer me when I called yesterday)you remember-Skipper or what ever his name is-Digger?Oh that's right! I'm not the lone ranger! Becky & Janie popped in!!! There is a Heaven!!
(((Becky))) ((((Janie)))) (((everyone)))
That's hugs...
God Bless everyone & I look forward to coming back & seeing alot of posts!
May you walk in God's light always in all ways...

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"We are each of us Angels with only one wing & can only fly by embracing one another...." j^

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