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"I so appreciate receiving Beliefnet each day; it is such a powerful, ecumenical source of inspiration, support, self-help and practical tools for change." Barbara Leger

"I have been reading Beliefnet every day for over a decade. I found comfort in the website after my mother died in January of 2002." Eileen Casey

"Beliefnet is a very smart idea. Beliefnet provides a place for believers to hear various streams of thought and consciousness and strengthen themselves whether it’s 2 o’clock in the morning or 2 o’clock in the afternoon. They can find everything from inspirational elements of thought provoking ideas to very serious dissertations about God. It really, to me, is a response to the prayer of the Lord when he said “Father make them one even as You and I are also one”. I’m proud to be a part of it. I’m proud to go there, and I enjoy it as a believer." T.D. Jakes, Senior Pastor, The Potter's House Church

"If you are looking for a great comprehensive resource for faith and inspiration, I want you to check out my friends at Beliefnet.com. It is a fantastic source and the number one source for faith and inspiration. If you want to see incredible interviews by celebrities talking about their faith and what inspires them; if you want information about what’s going within the faith community, check out Beliefnet.com." Jay Sekulow, Chief Council for both the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and the European Center for Law and Justice (ECLJ).

“I love Beliefnet. One of the things I like about Beliefnet is that you have access to anything of faith and you get it from a lot of different streams. What I like about Beliefnet it’s not just one stream of faith talk or God talk. It’s all streams. And we’re sophisticated enough in our culture that we can distinguish between different beliefs and what we believe – but I love the fact that they bring it all in. All streams about ideas and about God and truth are brought into Beliefnet and the you’re able to really look at it all. So that’s what I value. It’s distinct from others because it really broadens and lets every idea about God and truth be brought to the table and then you can pick through it and learn and decide the portion that you embrace. But they give you a fair chance, they bring it all to the table and I love that about Beliefnet." - Phil Munsey, Pastor of Life Church Orange County, Chairman of Champion Pastors Network

"Beliefnet is an incredible site which, true to their mission, brings happiness, hope, and strength to their readers. Their inspirational articles motivate me in my life, and encourage thoughtful discussions and open-minded dialogue about all spiritual traditions." - Emilio Estevez, American actor, film director and writer

“I am deeply appreciative of Beliefnet’s efforts to shine a spotlight on some of the countless people throughout the world who are attempting to make a difference for others in need. Your work is greatly valued and important.” - Jay S. Winuk, President, Winuk Communications, Inc. and Co-founder, Vice President, MyGoodDeed 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance

"Thank you for your consistent good taste, dependability...and I love your lastest changes! Doubt you remember me but when I was tech-green you were my first spiritual link." - Elizabeth A.

"A few of my newsletters have a new look and just wanted to let you know it's great! Love it!" - Sandy

"Hello, Your site is valuable to me personally and professionally. Thank you for your good work." - Joanna P., MFT

"A friend gave me info on this web site. What a blessing to me. I start my day with you every morning. I look so forward to reading all the articles and I save them for future references. Thank you for this truly inspirational web site May God bless each and every one of you for it." - Mary Ann P.

"I am a Catholic father to be in a household where we have agreed to raise the children Jewish. I've been searching high and low for some comforting words throughout the internet as I've becoming increasingly conflicted about this decision as our expected delivery date draws closer. Of everything I've read this article on Beliefnet [is] definitely the best." - Jeff D.

"I love Beliefnet. I subscribe to several newsletters, and love them. I Especially love the daily quotes. Thanks for a great product, and keep up the good work!!!" - Mary T.

[I] simply wish to say thanks for being there for me. I needed to find your site at this time in my life. I am now subscribing to the newsletters and will continue to do so ... [I] will also connect your site on a daily basis. So many areas that can be of help to me now." - Patrica

"I love this site. It is one of the greatest highlights of my day. These stories really inspire me." - Diane S.

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed visting Beliefnet.com. It's taken me at least an hour to drag myself away from the site and write this email! Please keep up the informative and inspiring content." - Caroline S.

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