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open quoteA friend gave me info on this website. What a blessing to me. I start my day with you every morning. I look so forward to reading all the articles and I save them for future references. Thank you for this truly inspirational website May God bless each and every one of you for it.close quote
Mary Ann P.Beliefnet Reader

"...Thank you @Beliefnet..."

- Oprah Winfrey

American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist

Beliefnet recently published an article about the Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN) newest show, Super Soul Sundays. Oprah, herself, responded to the article, tweeting: “@SuperSoulSundays IS my favorite show. Thank you @beliefnet for noticing.”

"Beliefnet is an incredible site"

- Emilio Estevez

American actor, film director and writer

“Beliefnet is an incredible site which, true to their mission, brings happiness, hope, and strength to their readers. Their inspirational articles motivate me in my life, and encourage thoughtful discussions and open-minded dialogue about all spiritual traditions.”
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open quoteI love Beliefnet. I subscribe to several newsletters and love them. I especially love the daily quotes. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!!!close quote
Mary T.Beliefnet Reader
Jay Sekulow

"...comprehensive resource for faith and inspiration..."

- Jay Sekulow

American Center of Law & Justice

“If your’e looking for a great comprehensive resource for faith and inspiration, I want you to check out my friends at If you want to see incredible interviews by celebrities talking about their faith and what inspires them; check out”
Bishop T.D. Jakes

"Beliefnet is a very smart idea..."

- Bishop T.D. Jakes

Senior Pastor, The Potter’s House Church

“Beliefnet is a very smart idea. Beliefnet provides a place for believers to hear various streams of thought and consciousness and strengthen themselves whether it’s 2 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon. They can find everything from inspirational elements of thought provoking ideas to very serious dissertations about God. It really, to me, is a response to the prayer of the Lord when he said “Father make them one even as You and I are also one”....”
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open quote I love this site. It is one of the greatest highlights of my day. These stories really inspire and uplift me.close quote
Elizabeth A.Beliefnet Reader

Beliefnet in the News

Beliefnet is often recognized in national publications for our journalistic excellence and integrity.

LA Times logo

LA Times

“Mark Burnett and Roma Downey put faith in ‘The Bible’”

March 2013 | T.L. Stanley
“Such entertainment has been lacking, said Rob Kerby, the senior editor at popular spiritual site Beliefnet, and the production pedigree of ‘The Bible’ sets the project apart from Christian TV series of the past. ‘The faith community is used to Bible movies being a little cheesy, low-budget, fairly low quality, kind of B-level,’ Kerby said. ‘I can see this raising the bar.’”
USA Today logo

USA Today

“For Seal and Klum, a red flag of overt affection”

January 2012 | Olivia Barker and Donna Freydkin, USA TODAY
“The annual “I do’s” were “just unusual,” says Linda Mintle, a Chesapeake, Va.-based marriage and family therapist and a Beliefnet blogger. (Typically, couples renew their vows once, after enduring a hard patch.) “I kind of wondered if that was an attempt to get back on track every year, to get them focused on the marriage.”
SF Chronicle logo

San Fransisco Chronicle

“Santorum quits, so Romney can focus on Obama”

January 2012 | Joe Garofoli, San Fransisco Chronicle
“Added Rob Kerby, a senior editor at, a nonpartisan religious and spirituality online hub: ‘There will be a lot less enthusiasm on the part of evangelicals and Southern conservatives now. I wonder if we’re going to see a surge of third-party candidates.’”
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open quote We were SO thrilled with our campaign. Thank you! close quote
Mandy MullinixMarketing Specialist, Thomas Nelson Publishers

Reach a New Audience

Beliefnet reaches over 5 million unique visitors on a monthly basis.

The Beliefnet audience shows minimal duplication with other inspiration, faith, health and wellness and lifestyle sites, providing an attractive opportunity for an untapped audience.

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open quote I was introduced to Beliefnet by a good friend and I have enjoyed the articles very much. They are inspiring not only to the soul but is of great help spiritually and mentally. close quote
Margaret C. Beliefnet Reader

Our Audience

Beliefnet’s unique content attracts millions of viewers from all demographics.

Beliefnet is the most comprehensive online resource for inspiration and spirituality, helping people improve their lives, solve problems, and find comfort, hope and strength. The most popular brand in the inspirational and lifestyle space, Beliefnet publishes stories that make people feel good. According to a recent survey, 94% of readers left Beliefnet feeling inspired.

Beliefnet is the definitive source of spiritual information presented without defined editorial point of view, and is a leading authority for major news organizations in the United States. We cover an exhaustive range of topics, inspiring positive thoughts and action, and are continually growing in users, including more than 10 million newsletter subscribers, a social media network of 20 million, and 5 million unique visitors to the website each month.

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open quoteI am a Catholic in a household where we have agreed to raise the children Jewish. I’ve been searching for some comforting words throughout the Internet as I’ve becoming increasingly conflicted about this decision [...]. Of everything I’ve read this article on Beliefnet [is] definitely the best. close quote
Jeff D. Beliefnet Reader

Message from the President

Beliefnet helps people find inspiration and walk a spiritual path that instills comfort, hope, clarity, strength and happiness. Beliefnet is the definitive source of spiritual information presented without an editorial bias and is a leading authority for major news organizations in the United States. It covers an exhaustive range of topics, bringing the “best of the best” in inspiration, faith-based and spiritual features and videos to a growing number of online visitors. Beliefnet is continually accessed by its readers, including 20 million social media fans, 10 million newsletter subscribers and 5 million unique vistors per month. We invite you to join us!
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