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I stopped drinking alcohol and coffee. I knew that the times when I had been more likely to smoke was when I had a glass of wine or if I was socializing when drinking coffee. The things you would do in conjunction with smoking are the things that you should try to avoid when you quit.

Then there was Yoga and exercise. I always exercised--even as a smoker--but you find when you exercise after quitting smoking that you can really tell you're cleaning out your lungs. It makes you really excited to exercise because with each hour, each mile that you run, you are adding years to your life.

You've done a bit of volunteer work on antismoking campaigns, particularly where young folks are involved.

About four years ago, I lost my father to lung cancer. I had already quit, but my father's death inspired me to go out and tell my story--not just my own struggles with addiction and the process of quitting, but what I learned about lung cancer and smoking-related diseases during my father's illness. I thought, maybe there was a way to use my personality as a model to make a difference. So I called the American Cancer Society and the Centers for Disease Control and offered my services.


Six months after my father passed away, a public service announcement came together. It was very much a personal story, a testimonial, and it's very emotional. Just the other night I was at the theater and someone came up to me and said, "I quit when I saw that commercial." I hear that a lot. It is a tribute to my father and to his life and I feel really proud of it.

I've continued to tweak the message to reach young women in particular.

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Returning to religious roots

Returning to Religious Roots

Switching gears, we've had some inquiries on the site about whether Christians can practice Yoga without losing or damaging their faith. What's been your experience?
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