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21 Ways to Pray at Work

Many of us will spend the majority of our waking hours at work. Discover how to blend the sacred into your day with these 21 ways to pray at work.

Related Topics: Spirituality, Faith, 21 Ways


How does faith work in modern life?

“Christ’s message impacts our world when His followers act in tangible, observable ways that demonstrate His love and values to others,” say the editors of The Modern Life Study Bible. So, how can we put biblical truths to work in today’s culture?

Related Topics: Christian, Love And Family, Faith, Good News


Get Through a Tough Work Week

Has it been a beast all week for you at work? Fear not, here are ways to deal with irritations, and madness that happens on all jobs.

Related Topics: Work, Tips Desk


Personalize Your Desk at Work

You spend half your life at work, why not add a little décor? Fix up your desk and show off your personality with these tips.

Related Topics: Wellness Well-Being, Office Spaces, Office Supplies, Desk, Workplace

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