How to Live Magically Every Day

Be your own magician and use intentions to bring love and joy into your life.

Transform Your Life

Would you like to live each day in empowerment that has been marinated in ease and elegance and flavored with happiness and freedom, and a dash of panache? Yes? Well, add a little magic to your life. Now, before you go diving into this mouth-watering recipe, you’ve got to first understand what magic is. So what is it?

Some people conjure images of witches stirring a big pot and working incantations; however, magic is “changing reality in accordance to comply with your will, your love and your imagination.” What this means is that you are using your intention to create something you want or desire, where things pop into your reality effortlessly and naturally, offering you opportunities to shine your light, to be happy, to be free, to be powerful and to know who you truly are.

The second requirement if you want to work magic is that you’ve got to become a magician. A magician has to be powerful because it takes power to work magic; therefore, you have to own that you are the creator of your reality. When you can own that you create everything in your life—both, the good and the bad, then you are in a powerful position to change it if you don’t like it.

If someone else is doing it to you, all your magic is going to be old victim magic and you are going to have to wait until they decide to stop for you to have what you want. You might be waiting for a very long time. So you can’t pretend to be some kind of stupid “muggle” (Muggle, being the non-wizard term in the Harry Potter series).


The third requirement is that you have to be comfortable with change because change is what enables you to have magic. People are usually afraid of change because the general consensus is that change is stressful. Change is hard. That’s because for all of us, when we were young, whenever big stresses happened to us, like moving to another place where we didn’t have any friends, or when something bad happened; like losing a parent, everything would change and life would never be the same. The good thing is that there are no external things that you have to do. It’s all internal. It’s all about being willing to stop resisting change and being willing to see new possibilities.

So here’s the recipe for your magic potion:

You have to have the intention to have magic. You are not going to have magic if you don’t feel it is something that is natural for you, or if you don’t anticipate it. Each morning, own your day by saying, “Magic is natural to me and I choose to have magic in my life today,” and then put it into your thinking processes and go looking for magic throughout your day.

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Suzanne Hosang
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