Heal Your Body by Changing Your Thoughts

Your thoughts really do create your reality, so it is very important to think positive thoughts throughout each and every day.

Increase Hope

Quiet yourself and focus on your feelings at the present moment. What you are thinking right now is creating both your mental and physical reality. Hopefully you are having peaceful thoughts at this time. If you are not, try to reprogram your thoughts to reflect peace and what you want in your life, instead of whatever is going wrong within and around you. Your thoughts really do create your reality, so it is very important to think positive thoughts throughout each and every day.

Remember, you are not just a body; you are a combination of mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, it is imperative to realize that your negative thoughts and feelings can actually create imbalances in your physical body. If you are able to maintain happy, healthy, and peaceful thoughts, you will also be creating a happy, healthy, and peaceful body.

I highly recommend Louise Hay’s classic book, You Can Heal Your Life which describes the mental causes for physical illnesses and the various ways to overcome them. (She had firsthand experience in this when she healed herself of cancer by getting rid of her old resentments.) She explains that so-called “incurable” diseases are only those that cannot be healed by outer methods. In these cases, the healing can occur when one decides to go within and makes the changes that need to be made.

Author Wayne Dyer says it perfectly, “When you are told that you have some kind of physical affliction, you can either prepare to suffer or prepare to heal.” When you are willing to change your negative thoughts to positive ones, you are automatically preparing to heal on every level. See yourself perfect and healed, and you will create that reality for yourself.

Also, make sure to listen to guidance from God and the angels about what you should be doing to get well, and follow through with whatever you are being told. God is always there for you and is helping you every step of the way.

Oh, and one more important thing. Make sure not to beg God to make you well, for that would mean that you don’t believe it’s possible. Know God is making you well now and thank Him for it. Feel it, know it, and have no doubts. When you have this level of faith, you will just expect the miracle to occur and it will!

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Karen Noe
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