Experience Your Life Review Now by Writing Letters to Your Loved Ones

You don't have to wait until the afterlife to discover how you affected those around you.

 How many times have you said to yourself, “If I only knew what he/she was thinking?” Don’t worry, you will find out.  When your body passes into the spiritual realm, you will essentially press the replay button on the story of your life. You will travel back in time and see everyone you have encountered in your lifetime. The unique and amazing part of this experience is that, unlike watching a replay on your television where you simply see characters re-enact situations, you will actually be there in that moment, experiencing everyone’s emotions are if they were your own.

 As a psychic medium, I often receive messages from those who have died who are now able to see this “bigger picture” of how they had affected everyone in their lives. They often say that they wish they had done things differently while they were still here in their physical bodies and are sorry they never told their loved ones how much they loved them. I often hear the same regrets from their living loved ones who also feel it is too late to make things right.

 After hearing this time and time again, I realized I needed to spread the important message that we don’t have to wait until we die to see the bigger picture of how we are affecting those in our life.  We have a chance right now to release any guilt or resentment we may have in our hearts. We have an opportunity to leave this life with no regrets.


 But how can we do that? Well, like many instances in our lives, the answer is very simple – with a letter. We can write our loved ones a positive letter, telling them how much they mean to us. While this may not be the easiest thing to do, it will “eternally” be worth it.

 Writing a letter works because we will be taking the time to say exactly what we have always needed to say. We could write everything we would want our loved ones to know, as if we were looking back at our lives with them. The letter should be a very positive one, and we would need to include anything in the letter that we would regret not saying after we left this world.

 A letter writing exercise is also a great way to help us heal unresolved issues with our loved ones. We wouldn’t have any regrets after this life, because we’d be able to say and do everything that was needed now.
The different types of letters can include:

  • The gratitude letter - a letter with words of love and encouragement to significant people in our lives
  • The forgiveness letter - a letter when attempting to forgive someone else or if you are the one who needs to be forgiven.
  • A letter to yourself  - a loving letter of appreciation to yourself 
  • A letter to deceased love ones -a letter of either appreciation, forgiveness, or just to maintain your connection to those who have died.
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Karen Noe
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