Resources: The Grieving Child and Teen

Helen Fitzgerald

Helen Fitzgerald writes two columns: The Grieving Child, with advice for adults on helping bereaved children; and The Grieving Teen, speaking directly to a teen audience.

The Grieving Child | The Grieving Teen

The Grieving Child

When Children's Holidays are Filled With Sadness


There are ways for the family to celebrate the season while coping with loss.

By Helen Fitzgerald


Back to School After a Death

Returning to school is hard for a child who has lost a family member.

By Helen Fitzgerald


What to Tell the Children

We can't protect our kids from the loss of loved ones. But our honesty can help them cope.


By Helen Fitzgerald

The Grieving Child: Helping a Fearful Child

What to do when a death in the neighborhood frightens a young child.


By Helen Fitzgerald

What Do We Tell the Kids?

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