Better Get-Well Gifts

Ten ideas that will lighten the load of the ailing.

Your presence at the bedside is the greatest gift. But should you wish to offer some additional token of your care, concern, and fondness, the following items are fun alternatives to the usual well-intended fist of flowers or get-well card.

Comedy Albums

Everybody knows that laughter is the best medicine. So is pleased to introduce you to

. It's a vast comedy-CD-selling website founded by comic George Carlin to preserve and perpetuate the memory of the greatest comics and comedy albums of all time. So, go on and start smiling as you reminisce: you'll find classic radio recordings of Abbott and Costello, legendary albums by Steve Allen, Morey Amsterdam, Milton Berle, and George Burns. Move forward in history to comics Stan Freberg, Bob Newhart, and Bill Cosby. The latest and greatest are all here down to today's best stand-ups. Buy a bundle, secure them with a ribbon, and your hospitalized or at-home-recovering friend will definitely think of you with a smile.

Prayer Box Necklace


A women's cancer recovery site called led us to this sweet and unusual


that contains a small space into which you can place a written prayer for health. $9.99

Reflexology Socks

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Amy Cunningham
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