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People from the Orient are acquainted with the term “enlightenment.” People from the West are more acquainted with the term “awakening,” but both terms describe the same thing.

So what is “awakening” or “enlightenment”?  In the Western tradition, Abraham Maslow was the pioneer in studying the wonderful experiences that accompany this state. He called them “peak experiences.”  They are magical, wonderful, expanded experiences of being wholly present in the moment. They entail feeling fully alive, being so present that you feel and sense everything around you and everything inside of you. It was a very magical, beautiful experience he discovered as he researched the nature of self-actualization many years ago.

Dr. Robert PuffDr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. is a meditation expert, international speaker and creates a podcast and articles that explores the world of Enlightenment available at www.EnlightenmentPodcast.com 
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