How to Dismiss Any Negative State

Darkness, in whatever form we experience it -- from a simple black, starless night, to a depressed thought or feeling -- only exists in the absence of light. And the more clearly we can see the truth of this principle, the greater our potential to realize its power.


12/31/2012 12:52:57 PM

Most appropriate at this time as the theme has been a frequent topic in my conversations with friends and family over the holiday season. Thank you for this post which captures the topic so beautifully; I will certainly share via social media!


11/01/2011 03:50:10 PM

To his prescription that the light is all we need, Mr Finley appends a photograph of a person looking toward the sun into the bright light of day. It seems, therefore, that he recommends that we look toward the source of the light, into the actual light without, as a remedy for the darkness within. What of those whose darkness prevents them from doing so? What of those in dungeons? What of those who are blind? It would have been more appropriate, I believe, had he shown a person in meditation or prayer. He further recommends that we must first become conscious, and deliberately so, thus forcefully, of the unconscious forces within us, ...a paradoxical endeavor, …an enigma, whose resolution he fails to explain. His prescription that we never accept the presence of any suffering state for the reasons it provides inspires me to wonder if we should accept it for the reasons it doesn’t provide. And what of those who are daily abused for reasons humanely irrational? What of those who are starving? Is his medicine universally effective? Gaudio Adhuc Lugens.