Curling up to Grey: Letting my Freak Flag Fly

Changing your hair can change your life.

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The hairdresser was not to be deterred. To “go curly”, all I had to do was let her snip the ends off at new angles, put on a little conditioner, then fluff, fluff, fluff. No torturing, pulling, punishing. I said yes.

For a few weeks, I was alternately worried that either everybody was whispering about me behind my back, or I was getting away with something. Then I, along with my hair, finally relaxed. This curly hair, going grey thing, was something I’d never anticipated: it was fun.

I started doing things out of character for me. I bought a colorful head band and dared to run my fingers through my very own hair, haphazardly, randomly, just because it felt good. I rode in convertibles and didn’t worry about messing up my curls. I felt free! And that was just the hair part.

Somewhere along the way, between walking up to the decision to go grey, lucking into a permission-giving hairstylist who really got me, and surrendering to the urge, it was not only my hair, but my life that went wild. And that’s a very, very good thing.

I wonder now why it took me so long. And I’m still curious as to how many years it will actually take to “go grey.” But never mind. Neither my hair nor my life look anything like my mother’s. I have broken free from limiting expectations about the past and the future, and have bounded into the freshness of my own fully lived experience. Like me, even my hair is becoming fierce with age.

Carol Orsborn is Founder of FierceWithAge, the Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality. Dr. Orsborn is the best-selling author of 21 books including her newest book: Fierce with Age: Chasing God and Squirrels in Brooklyn. (Spring 2013) With a doctorate in religion from Vanderbilt, Dr. Orsborn is a sought after speaker/retreat leader and spiritual director.

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Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., Fierce with Age
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