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How to Green Your Pet Care

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Compost Dog Waste

Man Cleaning Up After Dog

Use biodegradable doggie bags. The park in my neighborhood has a dispenser with biodegradable pet mitts for picking up the dog poop. BioBags are made from corn and are compostable, so you can feel good about using them while out walking the dog in your neighborhood. You can even bring this home and toss it in your pet waste composter.

Make a pet waste composter. By composting the waste right in your yard, you are eliminating it from going to a landfill or getting into a waste water treatment plant. Plus if done correctly, you can use the humus created from the compost to fertilize your ornamental plants and bushes. Instead of buying a pet waste composter and contributing further to the production of more products and the resulting carbon footprint, consider making your own!

Or maybe you live in a place where you rent and do not want to dig into the ground. In that case, you can purchase one already made for you! The Doggie Dooley is a special waste container designed to prevent health dangers and minimize odor. It's a great way to make your yard more beautiful while also protecting your shoes from dog poop. You need a separate waste composter because animal droppings often contain harmful bacteria, such as e coli, salmonella, and giardias. In a compost pile, these pathogenic bacteria will mix with helpful bacteria and they can disrupt the composting cycle.


30 Days to a Greener You
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