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How to Green Your Pet Care

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Green Your Kitty Litter

Kitty Litter

Flushing kitty litter down the toilet adds to the use of water to get rid of waste. Tossing it in a landfill in a plastic bag means it stays in the bag until the bag decomposes, which can take years.

Instead, consider purchasing products that decompose and break down along with the waste. Many bags on the market are now made from corn products, yet are sturdy enough to use. For the cat in your life, replace the clay litter (which is bad for cats' health and doesn't compost or breakdown) with kitty litter made out of recycled newspaper or corn. I use Feline Pine which has a scent of fresh pine and lasts a long time. You can scoop the solid waste out and just scatter the wet litter around in the pan until you need to change it. You can find these products in your local health food store and online.


30 Days to a Greener You
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