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7 Ways to Green Your Pet Care

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By Doreen Pollack

 From Intent.com

Going green in all aspects of your life means more than just driving less, buying local, and recycling. We often experience health benefits when we change the products we use or the ways we bring these products or solutions into our lives. Our pets can benefit as well. Since they live in the same environment as we do (same house or yard), they are also affected by the decisions we make about cleaning products for the home and body, and the quality of water and food we provide.

So as you become a green pet owner, consider the positive effects this will have on the health and longevity of your pet's life! Many of the ways to be a green pet owner mirror the way you treat your health and body. Pick ONE area to change each month, and before you know it, Fluffy will be just as green as you!

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Doreen Pollack owns Down 2 Earth Gardens, a garden consulting business in Phoenix, AZ where she lives with Annie, her Springer Spaniel and two cats, Sweet Pea and Mischief. You can often find her hiking in the desert – or in a garden somewhere in town.


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