The Six Traps of Overabundance

I’m all for abundance. I’m certainly not one to pass up on anything that brings pleasure or beauty or connection to my life. But when we become trapped in the cycle of overabundance—the endless circle of want, get, want, get—our lives fall out of balance.

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2. Overabundance of gifts 

The cycle of shopping, buying, wrapping, giving receiving can be very stressful, even if budget is not a concern. The sheer energetic reality of involving ourselves with objects or “stuff” can be overwhelming, especially when we understand that every object has its own frequency, vibration or energetic signature depending on where it came from, how it was made, who made it and so forth… this is a lot of new energy to add to your reality! Consider your energy as you decided how or if you will give and receive gifts this year. Consider your energy if you decide to do without, do less or give experiences or to charity instead. Once you break the gift cycle, you will be surprised how free you feel.

3. Overabundance of socializing 

Office parties, school events, the annual party you’ve gone to every year for ten years… All of this has a certain clamor of “must attend” attached to it, when in reality, you can change plans, opt out or do something different. Don’t rely on what you’ve always done—you’re a new person now, and you may want to try something different. Reassess every year. Introverts especially may need lots of private time during this season; give yourself the gift of quiet and solitude.


4. Overabundance of family relationships

There’s that saying: you can’t go home again. And yet every holiday season, most of us continue to swim up river to our birthing place. Many times, the wounds, past hurts and misunderstandings are still there. And because we’re so busy during the holidays, we don’t have time to work on our relationships with our family members. Understand that family karma complex, and the stress of the holidays makes it more so. Be gentle with yourself and others. Have an exit strategy if things go awry. If it’s just too much, opt out and try again another time.

5. Overabundance of tradition

Just because you’ve always done it a certain way, doesn’t mean you have to do it that way now. This might include: going to a certain event, party, gathering, church service. Wearing certain clothes, decorating a certain way, eating certain foods, being with certain people, and so on. Break free from the rigid traditions your family has "always done" and see what else the Universe might have up its sleeve for you and yours!

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Sara Wiseman
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