The Dangers of Repressing Your Anger

Springett discusses the consequences of not dealing with anger appropriately.


09/22/2012 09:35:54 PM

I'n a screamer. I have to get my anger out. I know it's not good to hold anger in~if you hold anger in you can get sick or develop an ulcer or have a heart attack/stroke. I'm holding a grudge against my late father and once you read what my grudge is you'll understand more. When I was 18 I had an unwanted abortion~the person who made me have the abortion was my own father. Now to this day I can't understand why he made me do this? Especially,since he adopted me one month after I was born since his wife couldn't have children due to a hysterectomy. He brought me up as his "daughter" yet when I was 6 my whole world changed~ I was diagnosed with Epilepsy and he closed his heart to me. This went on to inculde his only grandson~ but how was he to know that the baby he made me abort would be the only child I'd ever have??? My anger towards him and what happened comes from the fact that after I underwent the abortion it was never mentioned again. Including my late mother never spoke of it~even after she got sick. She passed away without ever knowing what my true feelings about it were~they never even asked me what I wanted. I was just told "you're having an abortion"~ End of Story. The only thing that I can surmise is that they thought that I'd be fin afterwards.that I'd forget about it, and that I would have other children??? I wonder what my mother would have said if she was alive today??? I know that she'd be apologising to me for what was done. I can never forgive my dad for what he did to me and to my unborn son, who I've named for his Uncles Jack & Arnold, my mom oldest/youngest brothers~My son's name was/is Jason Alan Baylen. If I hadn't aborted him he'd be turning 39 this Fall.