How to Tune In to Your Mother’s Intuition

Intuition comes in many forms. It communicates in different ways to each of us. As in JoAnne’s case, “Mother’s Intuition” is especially important in keeping our kids safe, healthy and out of trouble. Always best to heed its wisdom!

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Inner Voice - Many people report a "still, quiet, inner voice." Your intuition will always communicate with you in a compassionate, loving manner that is perceptibly different from your normal inner chatter. Asking your intuition questions will often prompt this inner voice response. For example:

“What’s the best way to help my child get to sleep at night?”

“How can I help him increase his self-confidence?”

“What should I know about my daughter’s sleep-away camp?”

Physical sensations - We call such sensations a “gut feeling.” You might find that your body feels heavy if a decision you’ve made is wrong. Your body may feel light or experience "chills" if it is the correct path for you and your child.

Dreams - You can receive a wealth of guidance when you learn to ask for intuitive insight from your dreams. Write a question similar to the ones above. Ask it in your mind as you drift off to sleep. Keep a paper and pen handy and write down any answers or fragments of dreams upon awakening.

Instant knowing - You may receive a sudden flash of understanding. The answer wasn’t there and the next moment it is! We often refer to this as an “Aha Moment.” Sometimes these come when you least expect them. Such as when you’re walking your child to the school bus, washing the dishes, driving to work or taking a shower.




Symbols - Intuition often comes to us in symbolic images. It is often said that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” You might receive a symbolic impression of a rocky road if you choose “Path A.” If you choose the alternative “Path B,” you may see a clear, smooth path in your mind’s eye.

How Can You Tap Into It?

Meditation is helpful. However, most of us moms don’t have the leisure of sitting down to meditate for 20-30 minutes. Try sitting quietly for one to five minutes, taking slow deep breaths. If that still feels difficult for you, take a quiet walk by yourself.

We often think of intuition as coming unbidden. However, we can get really helpful information from our intuition when we ask open-ended questions similar to the ones above. Try phrasing it like, “How can I…(help my child, be happier, find a wonderful new job?). Or simply, “What is the right next step?”

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Lynn A. Robinson, M.Ed.
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