High Heels Can Alter Your Anatomy

Those pricy pumps may cost more than you think: They can actually change the shape of your body.

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Sling-backs. Make sure straps aren’t too tight to prevent chafing on the back of the heel. Conversely, make sure they aren’t too loose, so that you don’t need to constantly pull them up. (Note: Products such as Foot Petals’ Strappy Strips can be placed on the inside of straps to prevent them from cutting into or sliding down the heel.)

Chunky Heels. This style is reasonably more foot-friendly than its skinny friend. Known for its relative ease on the feet, the chunky heel offers much more stability than narrow heels. (As with other styles, try to buy shoes in the afternoon after feet have had time to swell from the day’s activities. Buying shoes when feet are at their largest will ensure the best possible fit.)

Peep Toes. While offering versatility from the board meeting to the office party, peep toe shoes can cause toes to slip forward and make them overlap, pushing nail edges into the skin — which can form an ingrown toenail. Avoid this by staying away from peep toes that are too tight. Also be sure there are no seams near the toe area that will place further pressure on toes.


Platforms and Wedges. For better stability, go for lower platforms and wedges that have secure ankle straps. Also look for cork material bottoms to enhance shock absorption – as well as traction for slippery conditions.

Ballet Slippers. While avoiding some of the problems caused by wearing high heels, the ballet flat can be punishing on the arch and heel. Their thin soles often provide inadequate cushioning and support, and can result in heel and arch pain. Avoid choosing a pair that can bend in half and don’t wear for long periods of time.

Flip-flops. This popular summer staple can also be the cause of blistering and other foot pain. Select a pair that has at least some support and is unable to bend in half. And look for a style made of natural materials, such as soft leather. Finally, make sure your foot doesn’t hang off the edge. Suffer from heel pain? If so, you should probably pass on the flops.

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