The Power of Dreams

Dreaming offers us nine tremendous gifts. Check the following tips on using dreams to help with the challenges of everyday life.


08/31/2010 08:33:38 PM

I had and experiance with my 7 year old grandson two months ago. He called me at work and was very upset, he could hardly talk on the telephone. He told me that he dropped my laptop and broke it. I told him not to worry and I would fix it when I got home. That night when I arrived home he was crying and said I would hate him and he thought I would never speak to him again. I quickly gave him a hug and told him not to worry and I would never hate him and that I would always love him know matter what he did. That same night a man spoke to me in a dream and told me plain and simple, "NOW YOU UNDERSTAND, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!" I woke up instantly feeling that God had just spoken to me. I think about this dream a lot, I haven't been to church for a long time but, I pray and thank God everyday for the good and bad things that happen in my life.

06/25/2010 04:53:31 PM

With all Respect, Considering that People In the Scripture "HOLY BIBLE" Actually Had Dreams, and There was ONE that INTERPERTED the Dream. Meaning and talking of Nebuchadnezzar, Ambilech,Jacob,Joseph,the Egyptian Pharoah, his butler, baker, Solomon, all in the Old Testament, In the Gospel, Joseph, Wise Men, Pilates Wife, Matthew 1; 20:,21: 2; 13:19:20: 2; 11:,12: 27; 19: Not to forget the Nine Gifts that are Given to The Believers Of The Gospel, Father Son and Holy Spirit. No one Individual Possesses ALL NINE GIFTS!! That being Written & Said FIRST,,, NOT BY me!!!!!!!! there are dreams Given then there are Just Dreams, dreams Remembered may be God Given. Decernment is just One gift, out of nine. Yet out of all the Gifts. LOVE is and has always been the GREATEST. I believe you will find all Within the HOLY BIBLE including THE GOSPEL Believers have acknowledged as Gosple Of Jesus Christ. Please take special notice.. I NEVER wrote the BIBLE. We still have THE HOLY BIBLE TO THIS DAY. Yesterday, today, and Tomorrow, Two Keys, The Third was always Whom Holds TOMORROW?


06/23/2010 03:49:09 AM

With all this and more dreams are the ultimate personal source of wisdom and adventure. Robert is the perfect guide for deepening your dream exploration and for teaching you how to chart your own territory.