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Lakshmi: Attract Good Fortune

Lakshmi Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune and Beauty

Lakshmi (Lock-schmee) is the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune and Beauty. She is actively worshiped around the globe by millions of Hindus and is considered the personification of abundance, prosperity and wealth. It is said that three millennia ago, Lakshmi was born, fully grown, on a pink lotus that rose from the milky sea. She was immediately be-decked, be-jeweled and worshipped by the gods and sages. They prayed that she would come to their abodes, and to their worlds, because they believed that where Lakshmi is you find riches and fulfillment. Her ability to enhance good fortune is symbolized by the gold coins that you see pouring from her hands back into the ocean of life.

Special qualities: Increasing income, healing financial crisis, attaining wealth for right use

Evoke her: Get a clear glass vase and tape an image of Lakshmi on it. Pour in four shiny quarters each day and offer thanks for the abundance in your life. Watch your money grow and visualize a life of constant cash flow, prosperity and success.

Affirmation: “My life is rich in so many ways.”

Spiritual art of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi by Paul Heussenstamm of Copyright, Paul Heussenstamm.

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