Healing Power of Birthstones


Birthstone for January - Garnet

The red garnet, January's birthstone, is considered the oldest and most-worn gemstone. Garnets come in myriad colors, including clear, green, black, and many shades of orange and red. However, it's the deep red color that the garnet is named for, derived from the Latin word granatus, meaning "grain," because it resembles the luscious red seeds of the pomegranate. The garnet is a hard stone, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Throughout time garnets have adorned the powerful and the wealthy. This blood-red gemstone has long been associated with the healing of various blood diseases, as well as breaking fevers, reducing inflammation, and preventing depression. Wearing a garnet encourages creativity, courage, and balance, but the most magical power is the passion it inspires. This gemstone promotes love and relationships strong in commitment and fidelity. The garnet is also a symbol of everlasting friendship.

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