Natural Migraine Relief with Energy Healing

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Notice Your Body

Body with ley lines

From an energy perspective, migraine headaches don't actually start in your head. They are the result of a system-wide energy contraction that originates in your gut. In Chinese medicine terms you probably have some "stagnant liver energy"—or chi, the Chinese word for life force energy. So next time you have a headache, take a minute to notice how your entire body feels. Can you inhale deeply? Or is their some tightness in your chest? When I used to get migraines, my muscles would be so tight that my whole body felt encased in armor. You want to be able to take a full breath, from your belly to your collar bones. So with conscious intention start to breathe in and out from your abdomen. Don't force your breath. Just let it come from a deep, safe place in your belly.

Diane Goldner is an energy healer based in Santa Monica, California. Her book, How People Heal. is available at and her website. For more information and to sign up for a free monthly healing newsletter go to

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