9 Things To Know About Psychic Premonition


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How Intuition Can Shape Your Life

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A dream prompts a mother to remove her baby from his crib an hour before a chandelier falls and smashes it. More than a dozen people are no-shows for choir practice for the first time ever when the church explodes. Before his patients ever call to say they're coming to the hospital, an ob-gyn gets a pain in his chest signaling they're ready to deliver. Visions of planes crashing into buildings causes a mother to cancel her family's Disney World trip scheduled for 9/11. Are these coincidences, or is something happening we need to pay attention to?

This is the question physician and author Larry Dossey, M.D., asked himself during his first year of medical practice when he began having premonitions about patients that kept coming true. Here, he shares what he's learned in his years of studying such phenomena--from what it may be, to how to develop your intuition, to when to listen to your hunches and when not to.

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This text is excerpted and adapted from: "The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives" by Larry Dossey, M.D. (Dutton, Penguin Group, 2009).



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