Make Wishes Come True

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It's OK to Wish for Things

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Early on in my quest, one of my great epiphanies was that, inadvertently, I was a terrible “wish snob.” I had grown up with the very strong belief that it was acceptable to wish for spiritual qualities and for cosmic conditions—such as grace, forgiveness, world peace—but not for tangible personal desires like a nice house and a romantic love. But gradually, I began to see that it’s simply a very human quality to wish for a great range of things: from a nice pair of shoes to a world without war. I began to appreciate that, from ancient times, human beings have regarded the most simple material things as being sacred: corn, rain, arrows, the reeds from which to make baskets, and the art of basket-weaving itself. The ancients couldn't afford to be snobs about wishing for tangible things because their very survival depended on them.

Why This Works: Once you let go of rigid compartments, the “spiritual” and “material” dimensions begin to intertwine in surprising ways. For instance, a Buddhist teacher asked me to edit his book, and that connection was both spiritually healing for me…and helped to pay for the down payment on my house!