Hot Green and Serene Products from LOHAS


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Hot, Green, and Serene Products from LOHAS

Hot, Green, and Serene Products from LOHAS

By Valerie Reiss

For the last 11 years people committed to eco-friendly, holistic lifestyles have gathered annually at the

LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)

conference. What started out as a glorified farmers' market is now the hub of a booming industry raking in about $34 billion a year. Green is big business; this year sponsors included Office Depot.

How do the people who brought the movement to this point make sure it stays true to its roots? How can we be centered and spiritual as the big boys take over with high-priced hype? These questions and more were bandied as we enjoyed the blossoming of something whose time has finally come--over organic vodka martinis, of course.

Here are our favorite things from that three-day frenzy--from Mariel Hemingway's new book to organic flowers to the recipe for that delicious "green-tea-ni."

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Valerie Reiss is Beliefnet's Holistic Spirituality editor.

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