The Water Within Us

Sending peace and love to water changes its energy. Could this prayer also affect the water that circulates in each of us?

Excerpted from "The Secret Life of Water" (Atria/Simon & Schuster) with permission of the publisher.

We are well into the twenty-first century, and blood continues to be shed. Especially painful to watch is the conflict between Palestine and Israel. How much life will have to be destroyed by ethnic fighting and holy war? Without an end to this horrendous conflict, it is hard to imagine a peaceful future for any of us. But it appears as if the hatred and loathing has over centuries slowly entered the very DNA of the two sides.

I was once thinking about this when I suddenly realized the close relationship between DNA and water. DNA is structured by two chains in a spiral formed by a hydrogen bond. The consciousness of our ancestors is passed from one generation to the next through blood—the water that circulates throughout our bodies. And the water that flows through the bodies of the Jews and Palestinians comes mostly from the Jordan River. The Jordan River flows southward from northern Palestine and connects the Sea of Galilee with the Dead Sea, forming the eastern border of Palestine. Along its way, it provides much of the water necessary for sustaining life in the region.

The power of prayer has the ability to reach far distances of space and time. Through the photographs of water crystals, I have strived to help people from around the world understand the power and wonder of prayer, and I have encouraged people everywhere to pray for peace in the world. I decided that I would ask people to join together on a particular day to send hado (vibration) of love and peace to the Sea of Galilee, which flows into the Jordan River. The people who drink its water would receive this hado, and their bodies would be filled with beautiful energy. Can you just imagine the possibilities for peace?


Before I set the date, I discovered something quite surprising. Another name for the Sea of Galilee is Lake Kinneret, and kinneret, in Hebrew, is the word for harp—the shape of the Sea of Galilee. And it also happens that Lake Biwa is named after the biwa, a traditional harp-like instrument in Japan. Could the similarity be more than a coincidence?

I decided to set the day for the special prayer for July 25, 2003. This day is very important on the thirteen-month calendar used by the Mayans. It is called “the day out of time,” the one extra day on the Mayan calendar.

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Masaru Emoto
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