Saying Goodbye to 'Yesterday's God'

How our beliefs about the divine can transform the world.

Excerpted from "Tomorrow's God" by Neale Donald Walsch. Copyright c 2004 by Neale Donald Walsch. Reprinted by permission of Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

In the following excerpt, the author is having a "conversation" with God. God's voice is represented in bold type.

It is the perception of many people on this earth that your job-God's job-is to tell human beings what is best for them. You tell us what is best for us, and then it is up to us to do it, or else. This is a simplified restating of one of humanity's sacred beliefs.

That belief is a fallacy. That is not God's job and that is not God's purpose and that is not God's function.


It is the job and purpose of the God that many of you have created in your imaginations, but not of the God Who Really Is. It is the function of Yesterday's God, but not of Tomorrow's God.

That's the second time you've used that phrase. What do you mean by "Tomorrow's God"?

The God in whom you will believe on some future tomorrow. The God in whom you will have faith in your future.

So we are going to get a new God!

Not a "new God," but a new understanding of the present God. An expanded concept, a deeper awareness.


But you agreed with me when we started this conversation that we needed a new God.

I was going with the words you were using, not wanting to get into semantics in our first brief exchange. I knew all along what I meant, and I knew all along that I would have a chance to explain it to you further.


So, what did you mean?

As I've just said, I meant not a "new" God, strictly speaking, but a new version of God. A larger version of God. This is the Same God Who Always Was, Is Now, and Always Will Be-it is simply not the God of your present understanding.

Your understanding has been incomplete. I am inviting you now to expand your awareness and come to a more complete understanding of who and what God is, and of what is true about Life. I am inviting you to create Tomorrow's God.

What if I don't want to let go of Yesterday's God? What if I'm really attached to those ideas and, by the way, happen to think they are the Right and True ideas about God?

Then you will continue to create your life as you now know it on your planet.

So? What's so bad about that?

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Neale Donald Walsch
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