A Goddess for Every Need

A selection of divine figures from world religions, and how they can help you in your daily life.

BY: Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway


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Goddesses of Love and Romance


, quintessential Roman goddess of love and beauty, shows you that self-love and appreciation is the first step to embracing your own divinity and empowering your sense of self-worth.


, Macumban Goddess of sensuality, beauty and womanhood. Helps you tap into your more sensual side and express your sensual self.



, famous Egyptian mother goddess is hailed for her healing, magic, and resurrection powers. She helps you rescue troubled relationships and get them back on track.


, Norse goddess of sexual prowess and war, guides you on how to be a man magnate and enjoy every minute of sizzling sexual energy in your life.


, Greek goddess of springtime who was abducted by the god of the underworld, shows you how to liberate yourself from bad relationships and set forth a new path in your love life.


, Hindu goddess of love and marriage shows you how to get yourself ready for a serious relationship, and how to gently encourage your true love toward the altar.

Goddesses of Friendship and Family Life

The Great Goddess

is the divine female energy of all there is. She represents life its self, death, and regeneration and can help transform your relationship with your own mom by connecting with the power of your female ancestry.


, the Hawaiian fire goddess who dwells in the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, shows you how to channel and express anger and heal hostility in a healthy way.

Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

, the spiritual heroine who is closely linked as soul companion to Jesus, helps you survive the loss of a loved one.

St. Lucy/Lucina

, the cherished Catholic saint who originated as the Roman Goddess of a newborn's first light, Lucina, can help you open your spiritual eyes, see family in a new light and bring light to the shadow side of family life.

The Muses

, the nine Greek deities who joyfully presided over the arts, are among the most familiar mythical woman and Goddesses. They help you Celebrate creativity and connections with sisters and friends.


, the Roman Goddess of the Hearth, assists you in creating a true home.

Goddesses of Play and Lightheartedness


, Egyptian goddess of play, felines and females, shows you how to be as playful as a pussycat.


, Roman goddess of the rainbow helps you add color and zest to your life.

Butterfly Maiden

, Native American spirit woman, takes you from cocoon to butterfly and helps you transform your life.

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