Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman, a.k.a. the Spiritual Chicks, believe that spirituality is "not just for eggheads, the really pious, or the really desperate" -- but available to anyone willing to ask the right questions. Their approach is based on the One Life Principle -- the idea that there is only one essence of life, with many expressions (read an excerpt from their book). The Spiritual Chicks spoke with Beliefnet producer Lisa Schneider about the way in which this essence -- which some call God or Spirit -- connects us all.

Beliefnet: You say in your book "Spirituality is not about holding back on our desires, it's about living our lives any damn way we want." What if people don't always want to live their lives in a nice way?

Tami: If you don't accept the One Life Principle, that can sound like "Do whatever you want. There's no consequences."

Karen: It's not meant to be taken completely out of context. That statement that you read was written in conjunction with the One Life Principle.

Everything is a reflection of us and it connects us all. So when you see that, you start to think [that] when you're harming someone else you're really harming yourself. It's no longer a restraint or a restriction, it's just something that makes sense.

Tami: Spirituality and religion throughout the centuries have been about what you can't do. And what we're saying is, "What can you do with this power, not what can't you do. Enough of what you can't do!" There are all these people who are doing all these amazing things and you say "Oh I couldn't do that." No, you couldn't do that because you're not tapping into this power.

Do you think everyone is capable of tapping into that power?

Tami: You already are.

Karen: And life takes care of you when you do it.

Is it karma?

Karen: It's karma but it's a here and now karma. What we give out in life is what we get back. That is an absolute physical law. So someone who says "The way I want to live is to go around cheating people all the time" is going to live in a world where they can't trust anyone, they'll be full of fear. So if that's the way they want to live, they're getting something out of that experience -- it's not necessarily for us to judge.

Tami: What you focus on you make your reality. So if you're focusing on all the bad people in the world and "Oh, what's that serial killer up to this week?" -- even if you're the most wonderfully kind loving person, if you're resonating in the sphere of a serial killer, there's a part of your vibration that's going in that direction. You have to realize that. When you turn on the TV and you sit around and you watch cop shows all night where they're basically bombarding you with ideas that the world isn't safe, you could be mugged at any time, your children are going to be abducted, you're going to be raped...

It creates that reality?

Tami: It creates your reality and you go out into the world and that's what you see.

Karen: That idea carries itself out even in just in the way you would carry yourself walking down the street, and the confidence you exude and the vibration that you give off. There was that study of the New York City subways where if they cleaned up the graffiti they were less likely to get more graffiti. Because when they had a clean subway they were setting a tone where this is not a place for graffiti, not a place that welcomes or that feeds on that vibration of vandalism. And it was an amazing thing because you'd think "Well, if it looks too sleek it's going to get vandalized," but it was actually the opposite.

What about the World Trade Center disaster, for example. Do you really think the people that died there created that reality?

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