A Guide to Women's Altars

A personal altar invites us to reconnect with the deeper parts of ourselves. Here's how to get started.

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Perhaps your theme centers on your desire to spend more time at the ocean. To mirror this need, choose objects that reflect your love of the sea: a watercolor of the ocean, a bowl of beach sand, a dried starfish, and a snapshot of you frolicking in the ocean. These visual representations of your desire to visit the ocean will help you focus on that desire when you sit before your ocean altar.

The beach is the perfect setting for a temporary outdoor altar. Simply take a pail, fill it with sand, place a circle of sea-washed beach stones on the sand, and stick a seagull feather into the center of the circle. In this way you have created a space apart which honors sky (feathers), sea (beach stones), and earth (sand).

Consider creating an altar to pay tribute to the private self hidden deep within the psyche. For this type of altar choose objects that symbolize disparate parts of your inner self. An altar honoring your many selves emanates a wild beauty, a terrible truth, an awesome power. The altar becomes a stage upon which the inner and outer selves merge, creating a wholeness that is truly healing.

Relax and trust the altar-making process. Know that various objects such as scarves for altar clothes, statues, pictures, candles, and candleholders will find their way to you. Objects you find around the house, in the yard, or in the shed will suddenly appear in a different light as you become more in tune with the art of altar creation. Altar objects are sacred because you consider them special--that is the only criterion.

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Nancy Brady Cunningham
Photos by Denise Geddes
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