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On the concepts in his latest book, the human genome, and the afterlife.

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: Yes. Look at the spelling of God: G stands for Generation; O stands for Organization; and D stands for Delivery. Therefore, GOD is the Generator, the Organizer, and the Deliverer of the Universe. God is the infinite, unbounded, eternal intelligence that constantly projects itself as the universe through the creation of space, time, matter, and infinite energy. But God is also infinite love, infinite compassion, infinite joy. God is also the source of the progressive expansion of happiness, God is the source of meaning and purpose in life, God is the source of that which is considered a miracle, God is the fulfillment of our deepest desire, and God is the source of the abolishment of all fears, including the fear of death.


: With all of the spiritual techniques available, how does one avoid becoming overly anxious and not try to force the process?


: Really be simple. There are four ways to access this divine intelligence we call God. Number one: The Way of Action. Whenever you do something, have the inner attitude that everything you do, your every thought and breath, comes from God and belongs to God. In other words, every movement of yours is of the divine eternal. Just having this attitude will give you a direct experience of the eternal mystery that we refer to as God. Number two: The Way of Love. Make love the most important reason for making every decision in life. Before you make a choice, ask yourself, Is this going to enhance the experience of love in my life, and all those in my life? Number three: The Way of Spiritual Discipline, which includes prayer and meditation and silence. And number four, The Way of Intellect and of Scientific Inquiry.



: I have heard that God can be proven mathematically.


: Yes. If you define infinity by infinity, what remains is infinity. If you subtract infinity by infinity, what remains is infinity. Therefore, God is the infinite absolute that is measured out as the relative world. And even though the relative world appears to be measurable, it is an illusion, in that it is the absolute appearing to be the relative. This great principle was the source of inspiration to Albert Einstein, who once said, "I want to know the face of God. Everything else is detail."


: Is it tough to get Westerners to understand non-duality? That evil is a part of God?

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