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On the concepts in his latest book, the human genome, and the afterlife.

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: Yes. To get to the sixth level, study the life of enlightened beings, such as Christ, Buddha, the great saints of the Christian tradition, all the great avatars from the East, and then on the day-to-day level, ask yourself, "What would this being do in this situation?" In other words, try to see the world through the consciousness of your spiritual inheritance. Once you enter the sixth domain, you will start to have glimpses of the seventh level as well.


: Another difficult Eastern concept is the fundamental emptiness of God, that the divine is empty of any conceptual identity. How do you explain this to Westerners?


: As soon as you conceptualize something, you limit it. All concepts or definitions are therefore limiting. Divine intelligence, or God, is unbounded, eternal, ineffable, without any beginning or ending in time, and beyond the edges of space. Therefore, the emptiness that you speak of is not an emptiness. It is the fullness of infinite possibilities. It is the field of pure potentiality. It is the immeasurable source of all that was, all that is, and all that will be. God is therefore not conceptualizable, but definitely realizable.



: Do you think that the mapping of the DNA structure will help change mankind into the next evolution of man?


: Yes, the mapping of the DNA structure gives us a great insight into the physical machinery of the body. It does not, however, tell us anything about the source of free will, intention, imagination, insight, inspiration, creativity, knowingness, understanding, meaning, purpose, or decision making. Moreover, the very impulse to know the DNA is contained in the DNA! So while we must recognize the limitations of what we can learn from the DNA, we must also recognize that our knowledge of the DNA is the impulse of the universe to become self-conscious through us.


: Deepak, could you explain "born again," a Christian concept in light of your understanding of God.


: "Born again" simply means relinquishing the past, and stepping into a fresh experience of life. All of life goes through certain phases: creation, maintenance, destruction of the old, a period of incubation, and then resurrection into a new expression of life. Therefore, somebody who is "born again" is expressing the eternal cycle of life within an accelerated time frame. The one who is "born again" has a new interpretation and a new cognitive and perceptual experience of reality.

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