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Shalom alecheim. In Judaism, the mystical teachings of the Holy Chariot go back 2,000 years and perhaps even longer. The Talmud says that anyone involved in the practice that's called

Ma'aseh Merkavah


, the Work[s] of the Chariot, must be very careful in the handling and the teaching of these hidden works. In fact, it was said in the Talmud that if one was to transmit the teachings of

Ma'aseh Merkavah

the Work of the Chariot, it was forbidden to do so except to one person at a time. And this person had to be highly qualified. As a result, for the last 2,000 years the teachings of the Holy Chariot have been hidden. They've been difficult to acquire, and most people are unfamiliar with them.

In many ways, the teachings of the Holy Chariot are connected with Kabbalah, and Kabbalah, as many people know, has been an esoteric, secret system from the beginning of time. It's only been for the last 50 years that people in the West have been familiarized with the teachings of the Kabbalah as a result of new translations and opening up of information that was previously inaccessible.

The chariot, of course, is a metaphor. It's not a physical chariot but rather it's a vehicle toward higher consciousness. It's that way of living, that way of seeing things, and the way of acting that raises our consciousness to ever higher levels. And there are teachings in Talmud that describe various practices that one could do to raise their awareness, ultimately to God consciousness.

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Rabbi David Cooper
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