Rabbi Harold Kushner: Forgiveness for Our Own Happiness

Why do we keep grudges? Holding on to a grudge hurts only ourselves, no one else, says Rabbi Harold Kushner. For your own sake and your own self-interest, forgive.


12/11/2012 02:18:14 AM

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07/09/2011 10:19:49 AM

thank you so much! deep indeed~


07/09/2011 08:13:35 AM

Great words can be more than mere words when practiced and lived. It's time for Israel and Palestine to get in the sandbox (example in video). God offers those opportunities day after day to rise up to be the bigger person. Seize the day, I pray, and lead the way!


07/09/2011 05:54:01 AM

Dear Rabbi Kushner, I have difficulty dealing with the concept of forgiveness. If someone performs a negative act, and then realizes it was a negative act and apologizes. I can forgive. The problem is with people who apologize, but use it as a get out of jail free pass and then go on and repeat the same thing over and over again. I don't want to deal with people like that and move away from them. If someone wants to apologize and make amends I have no problem with those people. Yet I seem to attract alot of people who don't even want to discuss the issues in order to get past them. Seems there is the expectation that the issue should just be forgotten. At times that is not a problem. But if the trust has been broken... I can forgive, but I won't forget and try to keep out of situations that might be dangerous. Bottom line, and this is my problem, is that I've withdrawn from alot of people, or have not wanted to reacquaint myself with those people. I have reached out to people who don't want to reach back. I accept this and move on. I'm the one who is sensitive, so I try to work on what is important to me and my friends, and not look back.


04/29/2009 12:48:24 PM

Dear Rabbi Kushner,I believe in Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour who commands us to forgive.I have learned that no matter what someone does to me,I must forgive for my own piece of mind.I know that if I don't forgive someone,God won't forgive me.So I forgive.God Bless in Jesus Christ the son of God,Denise



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