Susan Corso: Using Intuition

How can you tell if that voice you hear inside is intuition or your ego? Spiritual counselor Susan Corso suggests you listen for gentleness, kindness, and a sense that your choice will bring you to your highest good.


01/24/2010 01:21:54 PM

If you have a six year old son that has anxiety stress and the school wants to switch school's because they think his learning will round out better over time. My gut feeling says "no" that he need's more love also councoling and to be rounded out once again and to get rid of this problem first. I think this is intuition what do you think?

07/08/2009 09:24:06 AM

I needed to hear this!! Thank you, Susan! You've defined something that, up until now was ill-defined in me. peace and light to you!



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