Deepak Chopra: Centering Meditation

Meditation can be a tool for returning to the self. Dr. Deepak Chopra leads a centering meditative practice.


11/23/2012 05:26:52 AM

thanks for sharing... Inspiring...


09/28/2011 06:59:08 AM

I was just surprised of the knowledge and wisdom of mr. Deepak Chopra. Thank you for this.


09/07/2011 06:21:40 PM

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07/09/2011 10:36:16 AM

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12/06/2010 06:09:11 PM

Very nice, the way is from the mind to the heart. To realise that we are in the heart only this: Love. What God is: Love.


08/20/2010 01:37:58 AM

Vary nice meditation. It is relaxing and can help you find your higher self. I must look into more of Deepak Chopra's teaching. A grate meditation to do everyday. -- vegeta, [url=""]Meditation[/url] Teacher


04/19/2009 01:30:05 AM

This was really a good meditation, it was well done, hope it helps the people. You may try the present moment guided meditation:


01/29/2009 07:34:50 AM

too bad that sony commercial is in this...that is not why i click on this meditation to listen to more advertising. but i do like this meditation a lot (but get rid of that advertisement!)


12/28/2008 10:25:55 PM

i have not been myself and i am suffering very greatly. using this technique does help. esp when you are being horribly victimized as i am.


12/15/2008 12:34:46 PM

Has this particular technique been subjected to double blind research studies?



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